The Heavy Duty Pin Clamp XPC has a built-in pin riser allowing the weld gun arms to easily clear the clamp mechanism and mounting brackets. It is also able to reach the area around the pin and go into deeper cross-sections. All this reduces the need for complex brackets and risers.

    Key Specifications

    Standard Hole/Slot Size

    24.8, 25, 39.8, 40mm

    Clamping Force

    890 – 1334N @ 5.5 BAR [200-300lbf @ 80PSI)

    Finger Travel

    15mm Total (5mm Rotational, 10mm straight line pull down stroke, 3mm Locking Range [from clamping surface])

    Overall Dimensions

    235.7 (L) x 137.6 (W) x 350mm OR 650mm (H) (to clamping surface)


    7.3 kg [16.1 lb] – 11.6 kg [25.6lb]

    • Welding
    • Stamping & Press Room
    • Automation
    • Nesting
    • Fixtures & Test Fixtures
    • Harsh Environments
    • Clamp Locking Range 0.2-3.0mm
    • Reduces Cost and Improves Clearance and Rigidity with Direct to Pallet or Base Mounting
    • Mounting Features for X, Y, Z Shimming
    • Multiple Extension Lengths
    • Mounts to Standard Risers or Direct to Base
    • Offset Clamp Finger Design allows Locating across Slots or in Square Holes
    • Finger rotates 90 degree to avoid Flanges, Obstructions or Weld Contamination
    • Quick Change Pin and Clamp Hook for Custom Shapes and Sizes
    • Available in Hook Clamp (No locator pin)
    • Simple Pull Manual Puck
    • Custom Pin Diameters available 18 mm - 40 mm
    • 350mm or 650mm Extension Sub-Assembly Standard
    • Camera Sensing Flag
    • DC Switch
    • Manual Drive Option