BTM Company - A Global Leader

    BTM is a global leader in the design and engineering of specialty presses, production systems, precision tooling and work holding equipment. For over 50 years, BTM has provided customers with innovative equipment and tooling in the sheet metal industry.

    Industry’s Top Performing Pin Clamps

    Ideal For Accurately Locating & Securing Sheet Metal & Sheet Metal Structures During Manufacturing. Uses Include Weld Cells, End Effectors, Palletized Production, Autonomous Guided Vehicles & Test Fixtures.

    Key Features:

    • Tolerant Of Material Thickness Variations
    • Easily Customized to Fit Customer Part
    • Pneumatic & Manual Versions
    • Retains Part Without Air Pressure
    • Withstands Harsh Environments
    • Fast Delivery

    Pin Clamps

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