The Adaptable Bayonet unit uses the basic components of our standard Bayonet unit, but allows for custom “C” Frame and tool holder designs to accommodate your parts.

    Key Specifications

    Max. Combined Material Thickness


    Throat Depth

    Customer Specified

    Cycle Time

    1.5 sec.


    Varies per design

    Input Pressure

    Up to 5.5 BAR [80 PSI]

    Tool Size

    3.0 to 4.6

    Overall Dimensions

    Varies per Design

    • Tog-L-Loc Clinching
    • V-Loc Clinching
    • Lance-N-Loc
    • Manually opens to 47.5mm to clear a part flange
    • Customer specified “C” frame
    • Customer specified tool holder
    • Spring Balancer